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Tim and Nan:

We had a family reunion at Peter's place in San Francisco during the Christmas period and just came back yesterday and got the sad news about your dad. Although I know he was not well but it was still a shock that it happened so fast. My father died of Parkinson related complications more than ten years after the diagnosis. I know what you and your family had gone through. Looking at all the pictures I can see that he had a happy and rewarding last few years with family around him. What can I say about him? Look at the letters that poured in, all with a uniform theme about what a warm, true friend, mentor, and colleague he was to all of us. They said that a man's accomplishment is not measured by fame and fortune, rather his impact on his fellow men. Your dad indeed was one of the few that I know who touched us all most deeply, in addition to his professional accomplishments that are well known. I will treasure the fond memory of working with him and his help and advice throughout my professional career.

Y. K. Wen