Memories of Jim

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Dear Tim:

Ruby and I received the sad news this morning of Jim's passing. As we grow old our friends fell just like autumn leaves. Some of them are special. Your dad and your mom were those.

When we were married your mom was Ruby's bridesmaid. Your dad was my schoolmate, colleague and co-worker.

We joined in teaching, we co-authored papers. Even after your dad moved away from Albuquerque, we continued close contact. During his last years, we tried to visit as much as possible but noticed his continued failing health. His passing has been anticipated but still a great loss as a close friend and a great human being. Hope that you and we will continue the friendship that two families did enjoy.

If you want some fond remembrances of your dad that epitomize his character, I choose a few as follows:

  1. In Albuquerque in his study on the wall next to his desk he wrote: "??????" roughly "you benefit from your losses".
  2. He rarely said bad things about a person to the point that I rarely asked him on personal references.
  3. He never wanted to impose on his friends; for instance we never succeeded to pay for the meals when we went out for dinners together.

Jim was one of those I can trust with complete confidence. We shall always have him in a special place in our memories.

Uncle Fred & Auntie Ruby