Remembering Jim

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From Dora Hsiung

I knew Jim before he became my brother-in-law. I attended the same school with Jim and my sister, Anna. When Jim & Anna got married, everyone in my family was so happy. Not only was he smart, he was kind, generous, sincere and very humble. They were such a good looking and loving couple. It was a marriage truly made in heaven.

Most people will remember the origami frogs Jim used to make from paper, which he shared with so many of us. But I remember Jim in a special way. When Jim and Anna first got married, they always invited me for dinner on Sundays. That was because there was no dinner served in my girl’s dorm on that day. Jim loved to cook Chinese food. He was always the chef on Sunday, cooking several dishes. He used onions in every dish. I did not like onions, but I was too polite to say anything. But then I got used to eating onions every Sunday. Gradually I began to like it. Now I cook my own dinners with onions all the time, so I often think of Jim. Thank you Jim for teaching me to enjoy onions. I will miss you, and I will never forget you!